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15 votes

Native PPC, PPM advertising feature

This feature would allow us to get more advertising revenue by selling ads to the business listed on the site. It would be nice if we can provide targeting options such as gender, age, location.

8 votes

Embedable reviews

Code snippet for business to add the reviews from Wilcity theme (our sites) into their site

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10 votes

Multilocation for listings

Allow business owners with multiple locations to add them under one listing.

7 votes

Busy hours graph

A graph that shows the busiest times for a business. This would be similar to Google's Popular Times feature

9 votes

Collections Feature

Allow people to create a collection of their favorite places and allow them to share those collections on social media. Use case: Influencers, the media, and users create collections of their favorite places based on their own criteria. Ex. Best Chinese Restaurants in NYC by Beyonce or Best Spas in the US by The New […]

14 votes

Q&A tab

Allow business owners to answer the most frequent questions in about their business and other users interested to read them when they visit their listing.

8 votes

Activity Stream / Timeline

This is another central component of social media apps and websites. This feature makes a chronological list of all of the previous activities and notifications, which are displayed in your app. It gives users a sense of what’s going on and how other people are using the app, and can direct them to try out […]

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