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7 votes

Multiple Galleries

Being able to insert a second gallery into the listing, independent from the first one and also created by the client via the add-listing template just like the main one.

9 votes

Social Login Options

As we now only have Facebook as Social Login on the login popup, it would be great if Wilcity could add a few more like Linkedin, Twitter, or Google.

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11 votes


It would be great to add the buddypress plugin for wilcity, where businesses can post their products or campaigns and users can comment on them and of course also in the app. This would be a feature that will give great points for the template

3 votes

web view

hello guys I was exploring the wilcity app in my case my app and I wanted to know if I could view the web pages in my application something like a webview within the app, I found the Page Stack option but aesthetically it does not look very good inside of the app and in […]

18 votes

Wilcity Stories

A feature in which we allow business owners to publish stories about new deals, coupons, new menu items, brag about their restaurant, hotel, service, or anything else related to their business. Something similar to Instagram Stories but in Wilcity

1 vote

Better support for "24 hours" time format

The theme was originaly developed thinking about countries that use AM/PM for time format. Currently, for the half of the world that uses "24 hours" as time format, we still get plenty of fields (be it in listings or events) where we only have the option to insert time in AM/PM format, which is not […]

11 votes

2 fields for Phones

Currently, it's only possible to add 1 phone number to a listing. But there are many businesses with more than 1 phone number (for example: 1 wired line + 1 mobile). So, in the Contacts Section, it would be interesting if we had the fields: "Phone 1" and "Phone 2".

3 votes

2 time frames for Events

In the same way that listings can have 2 time frames for the business hours (usually "before lunch" and "after lunch"), it's important to have the same for events. For example "an exhibition inside a museum" – If the museum closes for lunch time, it's not possible to visit the exhibition during that period.

13 votes

Distance based delivery cost

Calculate the cost of delivery based on the distance between the listing location where the purchase is being made and the user's location or delivery address. There's a WooCommerce official plugin that does this, it would be nice if the theme and the app were compatible with this.