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Gamification features that would reward users behavior. This feature should include: Badges Leaderboards Points Challenges Rewards It would be nice if we could give users badges to mark their achievements. Badges can be given for a certain number of reviews left or places visited, friends invited to use the app, etc

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Store recent user searches

With history of recent searches, users save time when they want to find something again. When they click on the search bar, they would see their recent search terms

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PDF upload support

Enable PDF upload from authors. This I suppose is a very easy feature to add. PDF upload could be use for Menus, catalogues & more.

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Implement WCFM as an alternative to Dokan

WCFM offers more features, best customer support and more…, even on their free version, not to mention that the Pro Version is light years ahead compare to Dokan ( my opinion ) and obviously will be another option for multi-vendors.

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Search V2 Map always displayed

It will be better to show map on search V2 at all times and the toggle button to turn it off if desire. The show map button is not visible enough right now and users think that there is no map.

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Rating Stars on Single Listing Page

It will be great to show the rating stars on single listing page, could be below the business name or close to it, also be able to set colors.

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Mobile Browser Collapsable Dashboard Menu

The ideal option is to make the dashboard menu full module to collapse or expand from left side as sidebar, so it can only be accessed with a small button and will not be in the way of the dashboard body in mobile browsers. Now on mobile browsers after clicking on each menu item user […]

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