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5 votes

Extra information for reviews

Please add extra features to the review portion. Example: – Ask people about the cost with $ | $$ | $$$ | $$$$ | $$$$$ – Do this place have any of the followings – Wheelchairs access, Free parking, kid friendly, etc and then display the icon of what users said is available on the […]

8 votes

Video Reviews

Please develop a feature in which customers can leave video reviews for listings. This would allow a more engaging app and an unique feature.

6 votes

Product Add-ons in Wilcity Advanced WooCommerce

Add product add-ons in the Wilcity Advanced WooCommerce, or even give an option you can click in the menu and select quickly the type or option and quantity you want to add to the basket.

13 votes

Native Booking Plugin

Please consider developing Wilcity’s native booking plugin rather than depending on WooCommerce Booking.

4 votes

Add "Claim Listing" Sidebar Widget Into The App

This feature doesn't need to fully work within the app for now but it would be good if the "claim listing" box was there and then the button could link to the web view of the site for them to claim it. Obv being fully integrated into the app would great but I understand that […]

8 votes

Wall fur business

Would be nice to have a tab, called wall like facebook for example where all the business can write fast updates, promotions or whatever, and maybe a page where u can see all that posts of the business u follow

10 votes

Invite friends in app and website

Offer the possibility to users to invite friends to join the app or website thought email adress, likedin, whatsapp or anyother way. Would really help to creat a community faster and have more clients