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Price Filter for Product Search V2

To be able as user to filter by price range for the implemented new product search in search V2 since 1.2.7.

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WPVR Compatibility

WPVR is a free plugin in the WP repository which allows you to create amazing virtual tours with 360 pictures and hotspots for your listings. This would allow our visitors to take a realistic remote tour and create a deep interest in the business listed on our sites. Here is the link for the WordPress […]

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Nearby option for listings on the app

Add nearby me as an option to sort listings in the building blocks for the mobile app​ by nearby using geolocation.

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Have been there button

Create a button that people can say if they had been there and upon pressing it a popup would come up asking if they would like to leave a review. Also, I would love to use geofencing to determine how many people have visited that business. Display the numbers of people that have visited this […]

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Open Table Integration

The ability for listings to integrate open table using their OT ID number. EDIT: This is now complete. Link for the plugin is here

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