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Near by me with Radius and show distance in Listincards

If a user is looking for listings and is looking for listings near by me, you can set the radius in km. And not that the radius is only specified by the admin. Listing card should always show the distance and not only if the distance is less than 2 km. Not as is currently […]

21 votes


Gamification features that would reward users behavior. This feature should include: Badges Leaderboards Points Challenges Rewards It would be nice if we could give users badges to mark their achievements. Badges can be given for a certain number of reviews left or places visited, friends invited to use the app, etc

20 votes

Users profile

On a user’s profile, they’ll be able to see all of their reviews and photos they have left in the Wilcity based site, and further browse all past places that they’ve visit, and add places to your ‘favorites’ list and collections.

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18 votes

Wilcity Stories

A feature in which we allow business owners to publish stories about new deals, coupons, new menu items, brag about their restaurant, hotel, service, or anything else related to their business. Something similar to Instagram Stories but in Wilcity

16 votes

Native PPC, PPM advertising feature

This feature would allow us to get more advertising revenue by selling ads to the business listed on the site. It would be nice if we can provide targeting options such as gender, age, location.

15 votes

Q&A tab

Allow business owners to answer the most frequent questions in about their business and other users interested to read them when they visit their listing.

13 votes

Native Booking Plugin

Please consider developing Wilcity’s native booking plugin rather than depending on WooCommerce Booking.