October update: Building Desmily.com

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Site: https://desmily.com

Amount of listings: 2,796 as of October 31, 2020

Amount of articles: 115 with 6 of them being updated

Hosting: WPMUDEV Silver plan

Theme: Wilcity (the best directory theme out there ๐Ÿ˜‰)

Traffic Stats

Unique Users: 12,622 (122 visitors above the goal for the month)

Page Views: 23,416

Main traffic driver: Google followed by Facebook

This is October’s update!!! The long month of October brought us some surprises and let downs but overall it was a good month for Desmily.com. With 12,622 unique users visiting the site this month, a 10% increase, we’re happy to continue growing. While our page views were down a little this month, I’m confident we will improve during the month of November. The month of October 2020 saw us do the following:

  • Released 2 new articles and update 6 old articles
  • Created over 178 listings, most of them for hotels and restaurants
  • Grew our email list from 1,011 to 1,259
  • Create automations on the site so I can reduce my workload

What went well

Released 2 new articles and updated 6 old ones

This month we focused on content. With 2 new articles released this month we intend to continue growing our already robust guide collection. We also updated 6 old articles with new information and data. Those where some of the first guides we published and we want to make sure we improve our rankings on those.

Grew our email list

Our email list grew again this month, this time at a faster rate. We improve our popup which helped us accomplish this.

What didn’t went well this month

We missed most of our goals we set last month for this month.

In summary, we didn’t

  • Create knowledge base for users
  • Setup Advanced Search plugin
  • Setup Advanced WooCommerce plugin
  • Setup RSS feed automatic email
  • Upload more than 200 new listings, we only uploaded 178. (Close enough)
  • Create at least 4 new articles (We only created 2)

In my defense, I had to change job which meant moving more than 1,000 miles with my family.

Tools we used this month

No change here other than the implementation of Pabbly Connect to help with automations.

  • TexAu to scrape business listing information from Google Maps and Facebook Pages. This combined with WP All Import will make your life super easy.
  • SEMRush to do keyword research and competitive analysis.
  • Bunny CDN to speed up the site (we ain’t reaping the rewards yet).
  • WPRocket
  • WPMUDEV for hosting. I like their hosting and their customer support is top notch. Also, their suite of plugins for SEO, security, Cache and Analytics are decent and comes with the subscription.
  • HubSpot for CRM, it’s free with great limits.
  • Segment, they have an startup program which is free for a year, worth looking into it.
  • ActiveCampaign for email marketing. This is free for a year as part of the Segment for startups program. You’ll need to apply for it.
  • Elementor and Elementor Pro for the site builder. I don’t like any other site builder, this was an easy choice for me.
  • GitBooks for the knowledge base. It’s powerful and free, great combination.
  • Crello and Canva for graphic design. They are good software for graphics design and have good free plans available.
  • Notion and Grammarly to write my articles and make sure they look professional.

Overall, this was a B average month. Not as good as we were hoping but weโ€™re trending in the right direction.

Whatโ€™s upcoming next month?

  • Setup Advanced Search plugin
  • Setup Advanced WooCommerce plugin
  • Setup RSS feed automatic email
  • Start working on Dokan implementation
  • Upload more than 200 new listings
  • Create at least 3 new articles
  • Update at least 4 articles
  • Improve site speed
  • Run Facebook ads to gain more visitors and subscriber for our email list

Our traffic goal for November

Our goal is to receive at least 14,000 visits during the month of November which is a 12% increase from October’s traffic. This is going to be a better month due to lots of time off from work thanks to federal holidays. Weโ€™re expecting Google to continue being the main traffic driver followed by social media (Facebook ads).

Now it’s your turn. How do you think we can improve? What have you done with your site that is working? What have you done with your site that didn’t work? What would you do differently?

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