March 6, 2021 | Marketing

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What Was Discussed?

We discussed marketing your directory site, what tools people use for certain things including enhancing your SEO beyond a plugin.

Meeting Chat Transcript:

00:03:57 Fabien Galiana: hi ! 😉
00:04:43 Eugene Darville: Gentlemen!
00:05:15 Marco Cifuentes: Hello people!
00:08:54 Donald McGuinn: Thanks for joining us!
00:12:34 Eugene Darville: AFC + Formidable
00:25:21 João Jesus: Sarah, thanks for the tip regarding! Very interesting
01:13:17 Donald McGuinn:
01:14:48 city mark: Donald,Thank you for sharing that. How user friendly is it.
01:15:53 Asdrúbal: Hi
01:18:34 Asdrúbal: Hi guys, I have problems with this computer,just chat for now
01:22:50 João Jesus: Amazon SES is great and works very well. A new similar alternative is for exemple Alibaba Cloud Direct Mail. If you want to give it a try:
01:24:55 city mark: Having mic issues. I came across info bip.Seems like a really powerful tool. They have really great solutions for customer engagement etc. Check out their link for pricing.
01:25:00 city mark:–%20gsn%20–%20lead%20generation-web%20–%20infobip%20–%20africa%20–%20kenya&utm_adgroup=infobip%20–%20english%20–%20intent%20–%20infobip-brand%20–%20africa%20–%20kenya&gclid=Cj0KCQiA7YyCBhD_ARIsALkj54qyB13YsG_2TISUaWZpI37lItu6n2JSiZE49sCeuKc3ohTheGUcg9saAtqtEALw_wcB
01:58:25 Jesus Vazquez: .com
02:24:07 Eugene Darville:
02:24:41 Eugene Darville:
02:39:14 Sarah Jean: I have to go but great meeting, thanks
02:42:06 Ka Vui Poong: 1 things about seo, not sure anyone of u notice if u search for Top 10 restaurant in your location
02:42:29 Ka Vui Poong: tripadvisor always can get something dynamic search result that shows search result of their restaurant website
02:42:46 Ka Vui Poong: instead of blog that talks about top 10 restaurant
02:44:55 Jesus Vazquez: Here’s the blog post about the importance of professional email addresses:
02:46:17 Jesus Vazquez: Here’s a link about the Segment Startup program. The program is free and allows you to get up to $1M in free software:
02:48:24 Jesus Vazquez: Here’s the link of the presentation if you want to revisit it:
02:59:49 Sarah Jean: Thanks 👍
02:59:52 city mark: Cheers.Bye

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