January 12, 2021

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What Was Discussed?

Details about 2.0

  • Speed increase
  • Be sure to use a child theme to ensure minimal issues when customizing the theme and css
  • Looking to be a middle of 2021 update time at the earliest
  • Integration with HS Blog is coming
  • Plans to improve the “Become an Author” and “Register” so that when it is enabled, the register button goes away
  • The backend of the theme is switching from vue.js to react
  • In terms of delivery service for food, the team is looking into GRAB API – Minimum of 6 months before it is ready
  • Features will be announced as they integrate them in the upcoming months
  • Quick search and all search options will be receiving an update

Other Planned or Not Planned Updates

  • No plan to build their own booking plugin. Keeping Woo Bookings for now
  • They are pausing the “add listing in app” functionality until 2.0 is released
  • No plans to convert number to stars on reviews
  • Planning on removing Google + and adding Telegram into social media soon
  • No plan on letting users translate the app in the app settings
  • Planning to publish documentation on mobile rest api
  • Minor update to fix 24 hour format issue coming in minor update
  • Looking into what it takes to integrate FB listing feed on listings like instagram
  • Possibly considering Buddypress integration
  • Related listings from same location AND same category coming soon in minor update
  • Not considering Gamification right now

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